What is Cluster

Cluster de Empresas Pesqueras en PaĆ­ses Terceros (CEPPT) is a group of associations which gives voice to companies having invested in non-Community countries.

The Cluster comprises 115 companies and their 278 fishing vessels and catches annually around 420,000 tonnes. It generates direct employment for 1,500 Community and 6,500 non-Community workers. It operates in 26 countries.

Since it was created, at the end of 2004, Cluster representatives have defended the importance of investments overseas, both for the supply of fish to the Community market and for their contribution to development cooperation (generation of employment and wealth in the third countries where they carry out their fishing activity).

We cannot forget that this type of society provides the European market with noble species of high quality and nutritional value, with absolute respect for community regulation in hygiene, health and commercial matters.

CEPPT also participates in the training of sailors in third countries to help them improve their qualification and increase their chances to be employed in the ships of associated and national companies through the conclusion of agreements.

Such training abroad is an interesting two-way formula, since it enables to efficiently establish locally a great number of crew members who would otherwise become part of illegal immigration lists.

Last but not least, with their investments abroad, fishing companies generate a large network of auxiliary activities to the fishing fleet that produces considerable socio-economic benefits for local populations.